So the other day I was reading a writer's post on tumblr for the harry potter fandom and they were explaining why they had slowed down posting their stories. It was because of to many comments. Now I was confused and all I could think of was wow don't you want comments about your story?

Apparently, the fans wanted them to write more for one-shots or they were receiving negative reviews. I was flummoxed. Anytime you post anything anywhere you will get good and bad reviews. People will be critical of your work or heap praise on you. Asking you to write more is not a negative thing and should be seen as something positive.

And for negative reviews we all get them. You will get people who will love what you do and the ones who just hate you. Hell I got a troll who was pissed off that I wrote gay fanfiction and I laughed. That person is lucky I am not good at drawing people yet or there might have been a art doodle attached to some of my stories.

So I wish I could tell this writer that hey it is okay to be annoyed or angry at people, but don't let it get to you. In fact, you can ignore the comments you don't like and just pay attention to the positive ones.

Art rant :)

It always seems like a good idea to draw things that you are terrible at so you can improve and become a great artist. You even listen to that little cute bird on your shoulder who might just be your artistic muse who will says “You can do it!” like a crazy Nike commercial with exploding colors and banjos everywhere techno style.

Of course, after you have been scribbling away on a piece of paper or your tablet for hours on end, you realize it looks like crap because of course you are your worst critic. You then think damn I should have tossed that bird out the window and binged watched Naruto or played WOW till you fell over.

Gotta love stupid self challenges lol.

Vacation and Movies

Taking a vacation from work has been nice so far and pretty relaxing. I needed this after my hectic work schedule with them wanting to push to many games out the door and not realizing we are a small QA team. Ugh not looking forward to next year.

Haven't been doing to much lately except playing video games and watching Star Trek. Haha I forgot how overdramatic the original series is and I sure laughed at Kirk a lot. Still it is not as bad as some of the Korean Dramas mom watches so I can't complain to much. At least Kirk doesn't cry all the time :).

We are suppose to see Star Wars tonight which should be pretty fun. Haven't been on a date with Tim in a while, but I blame work and both of us having colds. I have not seen many trailers or been on social media much because I didn't want it spoiled. Hope it is a great movie.

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Random Ramblings and Fanfiction

I always feel like I update this thing so infrequently even though there is always something going on in my life :).

I was reading Star Trek fanfiction today and I ran across an old fanfiction I wrote Love in Pieces, but I never finished it. It is honestly funny how you keep meaning to finish it and of course the real world intrudes for about 6 years lol. I probably have a ton of incomplete stories that never made it online. So now I am determined to finish that sucker. It might take me a while because hey it was a while ago and ugh I have to rewatch some of Star Trek the Original Series, the movies, and the reboot movies.

Hm I also need to find a beta because my grammar and lack of commas is horrible. I wonder where I can find one since it has been ages since I wrote anything.

Think I will stop friend locking my journals because I can't remember why I did it in the first place. Maybe I thought it was for privacy or something, but it is no longer needed.

Haha feel like I am rambling on this since it has been so long :).

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My Little Pony - Sundance

Avengers: A Day In The Life Of The Laufeyson Clan

Doh, somehow I fell into the Avengers fanfiction world and this popped up :D.

Title: A Day In The Life Of The Laufeyson Clan
Summary: It is never a dull moment when you are a part of this family, a complete stranger, a coworker, or even a friend.
Notes: Felt the urge to write silly little short stories and this popped up one night :D.

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Art: Title: A Gift For Jim | TOS | RATING: G

Title: A Gift For Jim
Artist:[personal profile] silvertoekee
Series: TOS (TOS or STXI)
Warnings: None
Link to Art:Collapse )

This is for the KSAdvent 2011 and it sure was fun to draw. At first I couldn't think about what to do but for some reason a comic idea popped in my head. And then commenting on [personal profile] kianspo journal had me thinking about my little pony and poof a robot pony was born. Hehe I got the tail idea by staring at the enterprise, the body from my little pony, and the robot look from Rainbow Bright and the Starstealer's Onyx. Took about 3 days to do and I like how it turned out :). Hope everyone else enjoys it.

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More MLP

Because all I do is doodle lately and nothing else interesting is going on in my life, I have decided to slap any random art I do on here. Most of my art I sketch on paper, then maybe ink with pen, scan it, and finally fix it up in photoshop or flash. So without further ado I give you Moondancer and Moonstone. I decided to draw these 2 since they were the first MLP I received as gifts from my parents and I really like them a lot =]

Moondance and Moonstone

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The obsession continues........

I keep meaning to update my journal but I blame my obsession with doodling my little pony characters (durn new cartoon) and the MMORPG Rift for sucking up my all my free time. Gah! Hm but at least I am drawing again which is a good thing since a few weeks ago I was drawing nada. Now if only I could write again then life would be awesome!

One of my MLP drawings. Ah Wind Whistler you are such an awesome pony!
Wind Whistler

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